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I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Columbus, Ohio who LOVES to travel. I'm joyfully following Jesus and I'm a lover of laughter, hot chocolate, and vibrant color.

my name is kelsie and I love dogs and pretty things.

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Anna and Garrett were married on Sunday last weekend, and their reception was at Cox Arboretum. When they first told me that, my heart skipped a beat because I absolutely LOVE Cox Arboretum, especially during golden hour. Leading up to the weekend, not only did it call for rain on Saturday, but also all day […]

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I have this saying that Jesus always comes through for me, and He sure did this time! Every day as I checked the weather leading up to last weekend, there was a strong chance of rain all day on Saturday (and Sunday, too). As I prayed over Nick and Jessica’s wedding, I specifically prayed for no […]

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Audrey & Jeremy were married last Saturday at The Orrmont Estate in Piqua, Ohio. These two high school sweethearts are so in love, and it was an honor to serve them in such a special way. Their day was filled with exciting moments, tender moments, tear-filled moments, and so many other emotions. Their friends and […]

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To the photographer who wants to give up, please know that you are not alone. To the photographer who feels like their work isn’t good enough, know that you shouldn’t be comparing your mess to someone else’s highlight reel. To the photographer who can’t seem to fill their schedule, you aren’t the only one. Just […]

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You guys, IT’S LAUNCH DAY!!! And I’m so incredibly excited!! This has been such a fun project for me and I cannot wait to share it with you. I’ve dreamt of having a brand that fully represents who I am as a photographer and after a lot of self-reflection and hard work, I’m finally there. […]

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When you are just starting out in this industry, photographers often say yes to any and every opportunity to take pictures. While this can be a blessing during the beginning stages of your business, it can also start to hurt you after too many “yeses.” What do I mean by that? Well, after a while of shooting a variety of…

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