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I'm a wedding photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. I'm a huge fan of color, whether its in my images, a bouquet of flowers in my apartment or my bold lipstick (my favorite way to take a bad hair day to the next level!!).

I focus on weddings but love photographing all things pretty. I have a passion for getting to know other photographers and creating a sense of community. This love for people is what allows me to create an experience that's unlike any other. I'll invest in you, cheer for you, pray for you, and get to know you. Because of that, I truly consider my clients friends. This business is a huge source of joy for me, and I hope it is for you, too!

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Tip #1

Be intentional about creating space for REST.

Choosing joy is much more difficult when you are tired and overwhelmed! This could be reading your favorite book, going on a hike or watching Netflix. 

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Tip #2

Give someone a compliment. 

We all know how good it feels to be complimented on our outfit or to hear that someone likes our new hair do. Why not share that joy with someone else and give them a confidence boost, too!

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Tip #3

Do a random act of kindness for a stranger. 

The small act of doing something nice for someone else just for the sake of doing it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

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Tip #4

Pay it forward. 

It's as simple as that. 

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Tip #5

Surround yourself with positivity. 

You become like the company you keep, so be intentional about plugging yourself into groups of positive people! Try to view the world with a "glass half full" perspective.

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Tip #6

Don't compare yourself to your competitors, or anyone else for that matter. 

In fact, comparison is thief of joy, and I believe that wholeheartedly! the faster you stop comparing your mess to someone else's highlight wheel, the better!

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Tip #7

Consider challenges a joyful opportunity for growth.

While this can be a challenge in and of itself, I encourage you to seek the good in tough situations, find opportunities to learn something new, and reflect on the areas in which you grew, both as a person and creativepreneur!

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Tip #8

Be thankful and grateful. 

We are so incredibly blessed to be given the lives we live. Take some time today to say thank you and reflect on the blessings in your life. I'm sure there are way too many to count!

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Tip #9

Joyfully follow Jesus. 

I truly believe that JOY comes from the Lord, so the only way to experience true joy is from Him. 

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As a creative, I am reflecting God's image, because He is a creative too! I can create beautiful images of His children because he's given me an opportunity to see them through His lens. I'm choosing to Glorify Him through my business, because he is in the business of saving grace and that's really all that matters. 


My Philosophy

JOY is a state of being that just radiates from our souls. It's that happy feeling that never goes away. It's sustainable. It's the look of two people in love. It's living without doubt or fear of the future.  

I've always gravitated towards a VIBRANT editing style because it conveys the happiness and authenticity in my images. Bright colors with warm hues of greens and bright blues make your images jump off of the screen. They remind you of the way you felt the moment the image was captured, that moment of pure JOY. 

I GENUINELY care about each of my clients, and I aim to capture their authentic feelings, stolen glances and giggly excitement. Capturing the love between two people, the way they look at each other and the small details from this special time in their lives are the reasons why I love what I do. 

JOyful. vibrant. genuine.

The Heart Behind it All

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