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Why You Should Invest in Wedding Flowers

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for flowers, especially freshly cut florals. One of my favorite details from the wedding day are the flowers that the bride chooses. I think they are the perfect way to showcase your personality and further enhance the “style” of your wedding as well. While they can be expensive, they are one of the parts of your wedding day that I highly recommend not sacrificing your wish list for sake of the budget.

Beautiful florals will go a long way in adding to the decor of your wedding, however the most important florals of the day will definitely be your bridal bouquet. Your bouquet will be in the majority of your photos, including the detail shots, bridal portraits, bride and groom portraits, bridal party portraits, the ceremony and family formals. When you think about how big of a role it has in your day, you definitely want to make sure that it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Although the bridesmaids bouquet are not as important, I do still recommend that they are of comparable quality, even if they aren’t quite as big.

Bonus tip: A lot of brides will use the bouquets as decoration for the head table, but my recommendation is that if, instead of using clear vases, you use more ornate vases, the vase will cover the ribbon on the stem and the bouquet becomes a centerpiece that you can use anywhere around the reception. Ta Da!!

Bonus tip #2: I’ve also seen the flowers that are used to decorate the pews in the church transferred to the reception to serve as the table centerpieces. Now that is a brilliant way to repurpose!

Bonus tip #3: If your florist is willing to include a few extra stems of greenery and flowers, it makes photographer’s hearts so incredibly happy. We can use them to style your details and 1) it will tie everything together much more cohesively and 2) it will make it look like there are much more florals in your decor than there actually are.

I originally just had one tip, but then 2 more came to mind so you have 3 bonus tips! Hopefully this encourages you to splurge just a little bit on your bouquet to make sure that it’s everything you’ve ever wanted. Happy wedding planning!


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