A fully styled community-based wedding shoot for creatives

Monica from Monica Brown Photography and I dreamt for months about creating a space to network with and really get to know other photographers. While it's nice to know about other photographers, it's a whole new ballgame when you get to know them on a personal level. Monica and I wanted to create an event that brings a variety of creatives together in a way that is uplifting, encouraging and fun! 

Phellowship is a fully styled wedding shoot filled with swoon-worthy details. It's an intimate setting with a limited number of photographers to allow enough time to fully capture all that the shoot has to offer, and to allow you to form meaningful relationships with other attendees.

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The best part? You can find all of that at Phellowship! Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just launching your business, Phellowship is the place for you. We'd love to have you!



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“Phellowship was an absolutely incredible experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Everything about the styled shoot was absolutely beautiful. No detail was overlooked, including beautiful detail layflats, a gorgeous couple, bridesmaids, and a whole dessert table (and SO much more!!). There is truly something for everyone, no matter what your style is. Even with all of the fun details to photograph, the best part was the two hosts that brought it all together. Kelsie and Monica’s heart was to truly foster community with the photographers that attended, and they definitely achieved it. Being a photographer is so much easier when you know others in the industry, and I LOVE that their motivation behind putting Phellowship together was for other photographers to get to know each other. It was so refreshing and it truly showed in how welcoming they were. By the end of the night, I remember chatting with every other photographer that attended! I can’t wait to attend another Phellowship, over and over again! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Kelsie and Monica, and for your beautiful hearts behind encouraging community in this industry.”

Stephanie B.

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