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My name is Kelsie and I'm an Ohio photographer based in Columbus. Grab a cup of coffee (or in my case - a chai latte), a glass of wine or a bottle of coke and enjoy viewing my latest work, browsing resources for seniors & photographers, and getting a little peek into my life!

For this Ritual Zero Proof set I went with lighter & brighter. I had created a dark and moody set for them a while ago and it was so much fun. I couldn’t wait to bring the products back into the studio refocus and refresh their marketing photos. I really wanted to push highlighting their […]

Bright + Colorful Ritual Zero Proof

This cozy in-home newborn session was as sweet as could be. Shooting this session in the comfort of their own home allows for making everyone (including baby and new big sis!) feel more comfortable and relaxed. We can already tell that this little one is very loved! This family was beautiful and working with them […]

In-Home Newborn Session

Has anyone had Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams? 🍦 The oven-toasted oat streusel with brambleberry jam layered with vanilla ice cream. How about the dark caramel cream cheese with cinnamon? Jeni’s Banana French Toast is a must have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am obsessed with these flavors, the packaging, and the bright, bold colors. […]

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Let’s talk about gear: what kind of camera gear do I use and love for my product photography? First thing’s first, I’m a Nikon girl. Always have been. With that said, the main camera body that I use is a Nikon Z9. This is Nikon’s flagship z-series camera. It’s mirrorless, 45.7 megapixels, and can do […]

Let’s Talk Gear

As a product photographer, one of the many perks is that I don’t need to be in the same city as you, let alone even the same state! Most brands will ship their products to me so that I can photograph them. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tips for making sure that your […]

How you should ship products