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Hello and welcome to the KLP blog! My name is Kelsie and I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. Grab a cup of coffee (or in my case - a chai latte), a glass of wine or a bottle of coke and enjoy viewing my latest work, browsing resources for brides and photographers, and getting a little peek into my life.




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The Heart Behind it All

My Ideal Clients

As a recent marketing graduate, I know a thing or two about “target customers.” I mean, let’s be real. If we didn’t identify our target consumers in our client projects for class, we were doing something terribly wrong. So, when I began to really focus on growing my business, I knew that I needed to be reaching the right people. But before I could create a marketing strategy to reach those people, I needed to determine who they were. Sounds pretty easy, right? When I think about the couples I would absolutely LOVE to work with, I think of the following:

1. Two people who are madly in love, and who aren’t afraid to show it. When two people are head-over-heels in love, it just radiates from them. Their joy and happiness is contagious. As exciting as a wedding day can be, these couples are more excited about their marriage and future than a one-day celebration.

2. Couples who like to have fun. If we are being honest, taking romantic pictures can be awkward at times… but it doesn’t have to be. I like to have FUN at our sessions, and I do my best to make sure that you are having fun too! You get to gaze into each other’s eyes, give each other way too many kisses and twirl each other around. It doesn’t get much better than that, my friends!! I’ve even had couples tell me that our session was one of their most memorable date nights they’ve had in a while. If you’re doing it the right way, it is so much fun. I promise!

3. Clients that want to become friends. Even though our relationship starts out on a professional note, that doesn’t mean that it needs to stay that way. I want to take the time to get to know my clients, to invest in them and to love on them. I get to spend one of the most important days of your life together with you, so it is so important that we mesh well and get along. To me, it’s not about just delivering pretty pictures. It’s about the experience you have with me and the lasting relationships that form from that.

If this sounds like you, then I would LOVE to chat with you!! I realize that not everyone will connect with me or like my style of photography, and that is 100% okay. I want to gain clients who are attracted to my personality and my work (hopefully in that order!).  Thankfully, I’ve already had the opportunity to work with some amazing couples, and I know it’s only going to get better from here. 🙂

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