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Why wedding details are so important

You spend months and months (sometimes years, let’s be real) planning the perfect wedding day on Pinterest. You’ve dreamed of the fluffiest flowers, the perfect invitation suite and tried on dozens of dresses until you found the perfect one. When your wedding day is finally here, every detail is in place and it’s perfect! However, you may be so busy with other things that you aren’t able to see all of your hard work come to fruition. That’s where I come in! Your wedding day will be over in the blink of an eye, and you’ll be counting on your photographer to capture the moments that you missed or may not remember, including all of the details you worked so hard at preparing. I love photographing wedding details. They end up being some of my favorites because who doesn’t like a good ring shot?? Anywho, that’s not the only reason why I love the details. Here are a few more:

1. They tell the complete story of your day. As a wedding photographer, I strive to tell the complete story of your day, from the details, to getting ready, the first look, first dance, and everything in between. I want you to take you back to the moments you’ve forgotten about, or spark your memory about a conversation or funny story that was told. The little details are one element of your day that will make you feel like a million bucks.

2. They help you remember things you may not have noticed. As I mentioned above, you may have spent hours upon hours planning every little detail of your perfect day, but when that day actually comes, everything goes by so quickly and you may not have the opportunity to take it all in. Brides always say that the day was a blur, so I want to capture the little details that you poured over to make your day special.

3. They tie everything together. When you look at the full gallery of your wedding images, or even the galleries on my blog. The wedding details are the images that tie everything together. They keep the gallery cohesive, while minimizing distractions and allowing the viewer to focus on the important parts of the image.

Before the wedding day, I encourage my brides to have all of their details gathered together so that I can get started once I arrive. Next week, I’m going to share the list of details that I ask the brides to have ready for me. Stay tuned!

With joy,

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