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Tips for getting ready | Brides

Some sweet moments with your bridesmaids and mother will likely occur while you are getting ready for your big day. As a photographer, it is so fun to be able to capture the sweet moments shared between a bride and her bridesmaids as they get ready.  So many people fail to consider great getting ready locations that are going to be the foundation for beautiful images. Here are a few tips for choosing a location that is going to be the perfect backdrop for this part of your wedding day:

1. It is so important that there is a natural light source in this room, whether it is a window or a door. This will allow your photographer to utilize that light source, rather than tungsten/fluorescent lighting or an off camera flash, in order to create natural-looking portraits.

2. Once you’ve found a room, it’s time to de-clutter!! In order to minimize distractions in your portraits, eliminate as many bags, trash, boxes, clothes, etc. from the getting ready space. With less distraction, there will be more of an emphasis on you! Plus, a clean room makes for a prettier portrait, in my opinion. 🙂

3. Before you get in your dress, ask that your bridesmaids are dressed and ready to go. This will provide you with photos that are consistent with the remainder of your wedding gallery, and everyone will be looking their best. Consistency is key throughout your entire wedding day. Plus, I’m sure everyone will like the pictures better if they are looking their best!

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