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Why JOY Matters in your photography business

Ever since I first picked up a camera, I’ve always felt pure joy when I’m behind the lens. That joy is something that is really special to me, and I want so badly to share it with others. Throughout my business, I’ve sought out ways that I can share my joy with others, whether that is through loving and serving my clients or joyfully encouraging others in the industry. Joy is such a valuable piece of my business model, and here’s why:

1. Wedding planning is stressful! As a photographer it is so incredibly important that you do not add to that stress. I view my interactions with my brides as a time to encourage them, get to know them and help solve any problems that they’ve come across during the wedding planning process. While it is important to be joyful throughout your in-person interactions, any communication via email is just as impactful, if not more. You want to be a resource for your bride, so it’s important that you don’t come across as being annoyed when one of your brides emails you a question!

2. Even though you may be positive and joyful when you are interacting with your brides, it’s important to do so in all areas of your business. This means sharing joy with all of the wedding vendors, taking time to introduce yourself to parents, and learning the names of the bridal party. These little things can make a much more joyful experience for everyone. Keep in mind that one bad experience of draining joy from others could have such a negative impact on your business. Just remember that there’s more to just your business that the pictures that you capture with your camera.

3. Sometimes nerves get the best of brides and they just need a little dose of encouragement. I love to take that time to encourage them, remind them about what their day is all about and maybe even giving them a pep talk or two. After all at the end of the day, they are going to be married and that’s what really matters! Sometimes, they just need a gentle and joyful reminder of that.

4. When you radiate joy, it is easier to connect with your couples. You can relate more easily to their excitement, and I find that my joy often brings them joy as well. After all, it’s hard to not be happy when someone is filling their day with positivity, joy and happiness! This is such an exciting season of life for them, and their experience with you should reflect that.

5. When you think about your brand as a photographer, there are three key components: your experience in the industry, your equipment + the investments you’ve made in your business and your personality + client experience. While they each do not equally contribute to the value of your brand (I could write an entire blog on this topic!!), they each make up an important piece. In my business, my personality and the experience that you receive as a #kelsielynnbride goes a long way, and heavily contributes to the value of my brand.

I firmly believe that my joy comes from the Lord. And it’s because of that that I can be a light in this industry and for those with whom I interact. While that may not be the same for you, each and every time you pick up your camera, you need to choose JOY. You need to choose joy when the day is running behind and the timeline is so crunched that you’ll hardly have any time for portraits. You need to choose joy when the bridal party isn’t cooperating or when the groomsmen are giving you a hard time. It’s situations like these where joy is so incredibly valuable. If you can handle them joyfully and with grace, you’re brides will be so incredibly thankful that they chose you to be their photographer.

  1. Such a great post!! I love your outlook on infusing joy in every part of your business. You’re awesome 🙂

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