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Ashleigh & Ryan

I’ve known Ashleigh approximately 2 days longer than she’s known Ryan, and that’s because we moved into our freshman year dorm a few doors down the hall from each other at Miami University. Ashleigh and Ryan met on the first Saturday of freshman year, and their lives have never been the same since. They began dating and before she knew it Ashleigh knew that Ryan was the “one.” A few years later during Junior year, Ashleigh and I lived in the same house together so I got to know Ryan a little bit better that year as well. Junior year was also the year that I bought my camera and began to pursue this passion of mine. I eagerly took my housemates and friends on photoshoots, Ashleigh included. A few weeks into second semester Ashleigh told me that I was going to photograph her wedding, and I kind of just giggled because I was only about 2 months into this whole photography thing and hadn’t even had a paid shoot! Little did I know that just a few short years later, I actually would have the opportunity to serve Ashleigh and Ryan on their WEDDING DAY! I still cannot believe that the day is finally here and that they are MARRIED! We had such a beautiful day and Ryan and Ashleigh were glowing throughout all of it. My favorite moments were their first look, and the fact that they served communion as the first act of worship in their marriage. It was a perfect day, and I hope that you can see that through these images. I love you two so dearly, and I’m so incredibly excited for you to start your lives together! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!!

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