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Blogstomp Review

Blogstomp has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Want to know why?? It has literally cut my blogging time by 80%!! What used to take me 6+ hours, now takes less than 1. You might be asking, this sounds too good to be true! Well, friend, I promise it isn’t!

Blogstomp is a one-time purchase software that I started using after I began to blog my sessions & weddings regularly. For the entire first year and a half of my business, I prepped blogs by bringing all 150-200+ images into photoshop to resize and place the vertical images side-by-side in one frame. While I probably could have been a little bit more efficient, I didn’t know any better at the time. This process took me hours to complete and I used to devote an entire day to putting the blog together.

About a year later, I discovered Blogstomp, and it changed my life. Blogstomp allows you to quickly pull in all images to the software. They all appear in the left window (see below) and the selections appear in the right window. 

You can set the style settings to include a border along the edges, or a tab along the bottom as well if you’d like. Or there doesn’t have to be a border at all! Next, to select multiple images, just hold the command key (on a Mac, at least!) and chose at least two images you’d like to pair side-by-side. The great thing about this software is that it automatically resizes the images so that they fit perfectly within the template. 

From here, you can either choose to Mix It Up or Stomp It. I chose to Mix It Up first with this pairing so that the detail shot of Autumn’s bouquet was next to Josh instead. Then just hit Stomp It, and the new image will be resized for the web and ready to go! 

In the settings tab, you can control the quality of the images, including image width and the border height. I currently have my image width set to 1600 and that seems to work well for me! There are so many other things that you could do with the software, but I just showed you exactly how I use it. Feel free to explore it on your own!

If I haven’t already convinced you that you should buy this software, then hopefully telling you that it’s only a one-time fee of $49 will do the trick! I promise you that it will be the best $50 you ever spent. Happy Stomping!!

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