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When You Should Wear Your Veil

This topic is such a fun one for me, because I absolutely LOVE veil shots in a wedding day! I think that veils add so much detail and interest to your wedding day gallery, and I’m always so excited to hear that one of my brides will be wearing one.

Now, I know that veils are not did everyone and that is okay! If you do happen to wear a veil on your wedding day, though, there are a few specific times that I recommend you wear it, and when you don’t.

If you opt for a first look, I usually recommend not wearing your veil for this moment. When your groom sees you for the first time, he will want to embrace you, but this usually will pull the veil out of your hair! It’s best to not have to worry about that during such a special moment.

Obviously, you’ll want to wear your veil down the aisle, and if you’ve already done a First Look,  this adds something new to your bridal look and gives your groom something else to look forward to!

Usually after the ceremony, we’ll move into some just married portraits, and this is when we’ll really incorporate your veil. It adds a lot of variety to your wedding gallery, and what girl doesn’t want an amazing shot of her veil blowing in the breeze?!

Now onto the reception… I usually don’t recommend wearing your veil through the reception for the same reason I stated above during the first look. Everyone will want to hug and embrace you, and your veil will constantly be tugged on all evening. You shouldn’t have to worry about putting it back in your hair every few minutes!

Hopefully this gave you a little bit more clarity on when you should and should not wear your veil on your wedding day. Of course, the day is completely up to your discretion, so if you want to wear your veil the whole day, then by all means to it! These are just my recommendations for what I’ve seen work well. Happy wedding planning!

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