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December 20, 2018

2018 Behind the Scenes

It’s time for the most anticipated blog post of the year… behind the scenes!! Today I’m giving you insider access to what it’s like having me as your wedding photographer – the good, the awkward and just plain weird haha! ENJOY!

I begin every wedding day by photographing the details for the bride, and sometimes the groom. It helps me get in the zone and really get in sync with the vibe of the day. 

I’ll do anything to get the shot… and most of the time that includes laying on the ground haha angles are everything!

and sometimes I get reaaaallllllly excited about what I captured. From the floor.

We’ll be extra careful about where we hang your dress, don’t worry! And it’ll be hanging justtttt right (Thanks, Michelle!).

I’ll make sure to capture all of the final touches right before you slip into your dress!

I’ll help you get into your dress if you need it and sometimes fit into strange places in order to get the shot!

We will pretend to be your hubby so you know what to do for your first look!

and when it’s time for your first look, we’ll get your groom all ready to go, too!

Because I’m vertically challenged… I often need to stand on objects to get the best angles. Anything for my clients! 

Don’t worry I won’t fall in the pond if I stand on a ledge… I used to be a gymnast so I can usually handle it haha

But SOMETIMES, I’ll take it up a notch and even balance on one leg while standing on an object & taking your pictures. Now I call that talent!

Because there aren’t always objects around that I can stand on, I often bring Stella the stool, until one day I forgot her at a session. Don’t worry, she’s been replaced. #gonebutnotforgotten

I’m an expert dress fluffer…  veil fluffer…

and will always make sure that your hair looks great and everything is in its perfect spot.

I’ll battle with your veil until I get I get it just right.

and if it just so happens to fly away….. I’ll do my best to catch it before it touches the ground haha

I’ll gather everyone together quickly and have learned how to capture full bridal party pictures in 4 minutes…. yep you read that right haha! Not ideal, but doable if necessary lol

If you have any questions throughout the portrait time, feel free to raise your hand (you don’t have to raise your hand though).

I’ll direct you like Vanna White (LOL – also please don’t mind me with my cardigan tied around my waist)

and teach you how to do the princess wave. 

I’ll fluff your flowers just right…

and teach you how to do the perfect twirl!

I’ll make you giggle until your cheeks hurt!

Your cheeks will still be hurting when I show you your pictures because you’ll LOVE them!

If you wear a veil (please wear a veil) we will for sure do an epic veil tossing pic! (Michelle is the real MVP here).

And when you’re feeling really bold & want to do a veil tossing picture on a dock, you do whatever it takes to get out of the frame. Whatever it takes haha

and sometimes I pretend I’m a ninja (usually at the ceremonies, occasionally during portrait time).   If I make friends with your bridal party, I’ll let them help me out! (It’s actually super helpful though, so will you be my friend?)

If it rains, have no fear. I have more clear umbrellas than you can possibly imagine. A little rain can’t stop me! 

And if I’m lucky, I get to test out your exit to make sure everyone knows what they are doing!

Remember how I said I’ll stand on anything to get the shot? Exhibit A below:

Aaaaaand Exhibit B haha! Totally danced up here before I came down. You know, just to say I did!

And of course I can’t forget… I’m always bringing my best moves to the dancefloor! (apparently I only have one move at weddings though lol)

but don’t worry, I do have a few more!

At the end of the night, we crash. Then pull ourselves together and get ice cream (not pictured because by that point, I’m pictured out)!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this walk through a wedding! I really do love this job and can’t say thank you enough to all of my amazing second shooters! Until next year, friends!

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