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Exits: Which One is Best for You?

One of the questions I ask all of my couples is whether or not they are going to have an exit on their wedding day. Some brides are alll about it whereas others don’t really have a preference. If you are planning your wedding this year and are considering an exit, I highly recommend them. One reason is that it’s another really great opportunity to capture a large portion of your guests interacting with you on your wedding day, other than candids at the reception.

I’ve done my fair share of exits and wanted to spark some ideas for you as far as what might work best for you!

  1. First, it’s important to consider the theme of your wedding. Some of these examples might not fit as well as others.
  2. Next, think about when you are going to do your exit… from the ceremony or the reception? Also, will it be light or dark outside?

Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to figure out how your guests can celebrate with you! Here are some of my favorites:

Sparklers: these work beautifully at night! The create a lovely glow and are fun for the guests, too! If you are considering sparklers, I highly recommend getting the 2ft kind because they will burn sooo much longer!

Bubbles: these make for some adorable photographs! I love the colors that are captured in the bubbles, and they are just overall fun and lighthearted. Bubbles are best during an exit when it’s still light outside.

Flowers: this wedding used lavender for their exit, which was a great idea! First off, it smelled amazing!! And it’s natural for the environment, too. Because I used flash during the below exit, we were able to do this one at night! But, I also think flowers of some sort would be a great option for a daytime exit as well.

Glow sticks: these are really fun for a nighttime exit, especially if you’ve been dancing the night away!

A few other options for you to consider are popcorn, rice, birdseed (this actually kind of hurts haha but it is a fun option!), ribbon sticks or sprinkles. Hopefully this was helpful for you as you plan your wedding timeline!

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