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10 Outfit Tips for your Senior Portrait Session

Oh what to wear, what to wear for your senior portraits! This is probably the #1 question I always get after a senior books their session with me, so I figured let’s share the knowledge and make it accessible to everyone on my blog!

  1. Wear something that you’re confident in. I cannot stress this one enough! The KLP Senior Experience is all about encouraging confidence and empowering you to show your true senior story in your photos. This cannot be done if you aren’t confident in the way a piece of clothing hugs (or hangs on) your body. Choose something that you are excited to show off!
  2. Most patterns are actually okay! However, if you’re planning to wear a pattern make sure that it isn’t too distracting or overwhelming (Or extremely small, either). Graphics aren’t favorable for portraits unless it represents a sport, school, activity, etc.!
  3. Wear something that reflects your personality. The best way to make sure that your portraits are unique to you is to start with the foundation of choosing the right outfit. If you’re a ripped jeans & leather jacket kind of girl, then don’t wear a summer dress just because that’s what everyone else is doing! If you want to bring a letter jacket, or a cheerleading uniform, that’s another way that we can incorporate your passions & hobbies into your senior photos!
  4. Avoid super low cut shirts or super short shorts/dresses. If I am focused on making sure that everything is covered, there’s less freedom & flexibility that I have with poses, which means that you may have less variety.
  5. Layers, layers, layers! This is one of the best tips I can give because it can create so much variety in your photos. Any sort of layer, whether it’s a leather jacket, jean jacket, kimono, etc., is going to bring a whole different look to the same outfit. It also gives your hands something to hold onto, and that is always a big plus for posing!
  6. Avoid super bright (aka ‘highlighter’) colors. First of all, some times these colors are hard to look at! But to be very real with you, these colors will often cast the color back onto your skin in photos, which makes editing them much more difficult and your skin tones might not be as perfect as they could be if you weren’t wearing such a bright color.
  7. Accessorize! As much as I believe your smile is the greatest accessory (so cheesy, I know), I always recommend that my seniors accessorize their outfits! Whether this is bringing a hat, a scarf, statement earrings and/or necklaces, sunglasses, etc./ it’s just one more way to bring your personality to the session.
  8. If you choose a collection with multiple outfits, I always recommend that you choose outfits that are different from each other. Usually this is an outfit with jeans and another outfit with a dress or a skirt.
  9. Bring at least one outfit where your shoulders are covered! Or at least something that fits the yearbook photo requirements. I always recommend looking this up prior to your session so that I know what the rules are and can make sure that we get something you’ll be proud to submit.
  10. Be mindful of what undergarments you wear & that you’ve planned them for each outfit. Some dresses may need a strapless bra & it’s the worst feeling to realize that you forgot it at home! Also, pay attention to whether or not traditional straps will stick out in photos. I always do my best to make sure they are not showing in photos, but it makes my job easier if I don’t have to worry about it!

Hopefully these tips are helpful as you start to plan your senior session! If you haven’t booked your senior portraits, now is the time! I’d love to connect via my contact form and start planning your KLP Senior Experience!

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