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What Should I Wear?

One of the most common questions that I get from clients is, what should I wear?? Today I’m sharing some quick tips to consider when planning out your outfits for your upcoming portrait session.

Families: The key here is to coordinate, not match. I usually recommend that you pick one patterned shirt that has a nice color palate. Then from there, you will base the rest of your family members’ outfits from that statement piece. As long as the colors are in the same family, you will look great. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as they both aren’t statement pieces. And finally, accessorize!! Add in a few statement necklaces or scarves that coordinate with the color palate so that everything ties together nicely.

Couples: Most of the same principles apply here for couples as families. Again, pick one or two pieces that you absolutely love, and choose the rest of your outfits based on the color palate in your statement piece. There’s no need to match the colors 100%; as long as they are in the same color family you are good to go.

Something that’s really important for couples, especially engagement pictures, is that you pick clothes that represent you and your personalities. The more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera. So that means, if you feel the prettiest in jeans and a sweater, that’s perfect! But if you’d rather wear heels and a dress, I’m all for that too. These sessions are all about you, so I want them to reflect you as much as possible!

Seniors: This is all about you and your style. My goal for these sessions is to capture your personality in a way that reflects your time in high school for the last few years. So that means if you played an instrument or were on a sports team, by all means bring items that represent that along to the shoot. I also recommend dressing in layers. This allows us to get the look of more outfits without having to spend time changing. However, I do recommend that you bring two-three different outfits so that we have some variety.

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