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8 Programs Every Photographer Needs for a Successful Photography Business

Over the last several years, I’ve come to love so many different programs that help me run Kelsie Lynn Photography efficiently! This year especially, I’ve heavily focused on automating as many tasks as possible so that I can focus on the tasks that I do best!

Because I do most of the support for my business (although I do have an amazing virtual assistant and private photo editor!), I needed help staying organized and doing things as quickly as possible while still meeting & exceeding my client’s expectations.

I’m excited to share my top programs & apps with you that help me do just that! Plus, I have some discount & referral codes to share with you, too!

  1. Photo Mechanic: This is the culling software that I use to cull through all of my sessions and weddings. The photos load extremely fast (MUCH faster than if you were to cull in an editing software), and it allows me to categorize the photos as I go as well. It’s a one time purchase software, and definitely worth the investment!
  2. Lightroom: This is the primary editing software that I use (as well as my private photo editor). There is so much flexibility within this software and I’m able to apply presets, sync edits and so much more. I recommend purchasing a subscription to the creative suite.
  3. 17Hats (or another CRM System): This is the software that I use for all of the transactional items with my clients such as invoices, questionnaires, and contracts. You can set up workflows, automate tasks, and so much more! View a full tutorial overview here.

    For 50% Off your first subscription, use this link!
  4. Later: I use Later for planning my Instagram account, and friends it has been a major GAME CHANGER for me. Not only can I easily plan out all of my posts, but I can set them to auto-schedule and post the first comment! So all I have to do is spend a few hours a month planning out that month’s content and then I don’t have to worry about it because everything is automated.
  5. Tailwind: This is the platform that I use for automating my Pinterest. By using this program, I was able to grow my website views by 450% in the first month!! I am able to schedule pins, repin pins, create pins and more.

    Use this link for a free credit towards your account!
  6. PASS+ (Or an online photo delivery system): I personally use PASS+ for all of my online galleries for a few reasons. All of the galleries are hosted on the cloud for 10 years (!!!), the interface is clean and easy to use, and I’m able to connect professional labs to the online store and offer my clients gorgeous prints and products. Use the code 9DAEHY for a free month!
  7. Asana: This is the task management software that I started using this year, and it has been SO helpful for me. I’m able to add team members to the boards and keep everything organized based on the project. I keep all of my client workflows in here to make sure that I don’t forget a key component to their client experience, I have a content calendar, marketing calendar, and so much more. The best part? It’s free!
  8. Flodesk: I recently switched my email provider to Flodesk earlier this year because I was tired of sending ugly emails and fumbling around the backend of my old email provider. Flodesk has an easy-to-use interface, you can create emails that are on brand, set up workflows and so much more.

    For 50% off a subscription, use this link!

Each of these programs has allowed me & my team to drastically cut the time we spend on these daily & weekly tasks which means we have more time to spend on all of the fun projects we’ve been working on. I hope you find these programs helpful, too!

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