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Personal Branding

Why You NEED Professional Photos to Market Your Brand

Let me be honest with you. If you aren’t using professional photos to market your business, you are losing money. Let me say that again. You are losing money, credibility and opportunity.

Heather personal branding session

Here’s a few reasons why you should invest in professional photos for your brand:

  1. They help you relate to your audience. By showing up and putting your face in front of your audience, they will start to get to know you. They will begin to recognize your face and you’ll become more relatable. You are no longer just perceived as the business downtown, you’re a business owner. People will want to hear your story. They will want to see your business succeed because they want you to succeed. When you can put a face to the name you can really start to make an impact.
  2. Professional photos tell the story of your brand. Especially if you’re using personal marketing, stories are a big way for your customers to get to know you. They help you communicate what your business does by sharing key components of it. Maybe you donate 10% of your proceeds to your favorite charity. Maybe you’re really passionate about marriage and you want to feature the way you & your spouse keep your marriage fresh. Whatever it is, we can capture those stories in images that you can use to share on your social platforms.
  3. You always have fresh content. This is really important especially if people are interacting with you as part of your products and service. Maybe you dyed your hair, lost 30 pounds or no longer need your glasses. Whatever it is, you want your marketing to reflect how you look currently! Having professional photos taken regularly also helps you to have relevant seasonal content. If the last time you had your photos taken was on the beach, and it’s the middle of winter, those pictures really aren’t that relevant anymore.
  4. Professional photos help you gain credibility. Because you believe in yourself enough to invest in quality photos, your customers will take you more seriously. Personal branding photos will stand out amongst the rest of the selfies on Instagram.

Curious what a personal branding session with me looks like? Check out some of my favorite recent sessions on the blog! If you’re serious about up-leveling your business, I’d love to chat with you about personal branding sessions. I promise you won’t regret it. Contact me today!

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