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My name is Kelsie and I'm an Ohio photographer based in Columbus. Grab a cup of coffee (or in my case - a chai latte), a glass of wine or a bottle of coke and enjoy viewing my latest work, browsing resources for brides and photographers, and getting a little peek into my life!

Ask and you shall receive! It’s been almost a year since I posted about my home decor and I’m excited to bring back the “Making A House A Home” blog series. What I really love about the way I decorated my house is that it’s really easy to customize for each season. I have neutral […]

Winter 2020 at A Home Built For Joy

My bedroom was one of the last things that I spent time decorating because I did the entire first floor before I even thought about my own space. I wanted my room to be bright and happy. I wanted it to be a relaxing escape filled with my favorite things: bright colors, flowers & words […]

My Master Bedroom at A Home Built For Joy

Well friends, ask and you shall receive! I apologize that it has taken me SO long to show you around my home, but I thought that I would give you a little peek into my winter decor before I switch everything out for spring! As you’ll begin to see once I share more decor, navy […]

Winter at A Home Built For Joy

Friends, I am SO EXCITED to share that I’m officially a homeowner!!! This process has been such a rollercoaster, but 100% worth it in the end. The housing market in Columbus is absolutely INSANE. It seemed like every house that I was interested in would be under contract the day it went on the market […]

My New Home

Well friends, it has been quite a while since I posted an update on my apartment! I’ve been living here for about 2.5 months, and it is taking so much longer than I anticipated to decorate this place. But, I can finally say that our combined living area is complete!! Woohoo! My dad so graciously made us… 

My Apartment Living Room